Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am not MIA though I am Hijacking someoens internet right now.

Tags will be out to you soon as I return home. My daughter had her baby on Feb 11th, stuborn little child didnt want to come out. She was finally enduced. Labor was easy. My job as her coach was to sleep until she said I have to push. 10 minutes later (after 7 minutes telling her to not push) the baby was born. 3 minutes of real pushing after the Dr arrived with head being pushed out. Nurse almost delivered this precious little one. Its hard for her with being only 16 and all. I know that I will have many years of joy with my granddaughters. They are wonderful. Though I am having many sleepless nights. I hijacked someones internet tonight to post to you all. First time I am getting away from the house since the baby was born.
Today would have been my son's 11th Birthday so its a day I spend celebrating March 1st. Always to its not a sad day for me anymore just a day for me to go out and do things.

I miss my home I miss my husband. I miss my studio and my gypsy and cricut.
I miss creating and all of my online friends. I will be back in touch with you all soon as I can.

If you read this please pass it on to the others that I know.

I am posting some of the pics here of my precious little grand babies. I will have more when I get home and can get everything settled. I dont even have time to sit infront of the computer to upload the photos. I clean all day and if not cleaning I am running after a baby or sitting for a minute and finding myself cat napping. I have had the little one many nights to let mama sleep. The older one Macy is adjusting quite easily to sleeping in her toddler bed. And to having a little sister.

I will talk to yall soon I hope. I am hoping to be home in the next few weeks. Dakota goes back to school in a few weeks and then life will be back onto a schedule. I will be returning home then. I may drive home via Vegas and would love to stop in an see Veronica.....and the scrapbook store in Vegas. And if I go that way maybe stop by and see few others on the drive home.

Ok so bad news I am in a Scrapbook Free ZONE no scrapbook stores for 50 miles plus. Before the baby was born I went looking one day when I needed a day out. NOTHING NADA I am going crazy.
Julie I managed to not spend in January except for my drive down here wich was gas and food and one night lodging.

February was ok I did goto some yardsales and pick up some things for this house. Basicly baby things that I didnt mind letting them have used. Storage bins. An amazing crib thats now the toddler bed. Its been a lot of work but worth it every bit.

My weightloss I dont know how that is going. I am going to a TOPS (taking off pounds sensibly) meeting this morning. I will see how that has been. We dont have in n out, sonic (thats any good), chickfila, and many more in my state so I had been eating out a lot when I first got here before baby was here. Wish me luck.

I am sitting here watching the sun crest the mountins so I had better get off here and get a little more sleep before the baby wakes up.

So here are the photos of my Grandbabies.

Ok I will edit this with better captions but what you see is my dauther right after birth. She looks so amazing for just having a baby.

Willow Ann Graywolfe Born Feb 11 2011 Weighing 8.75, 19.75 inches long,

And the other little girl is my 14 month old granddaughter Macy Bernice Police Graywolfe

I am going to say good night to yall.

I will now beable to get on here a bit easiter unless this person closes their internet.

Talk to yall soon.