Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway Alert

Blog Candy is being given at fernlintner65 youtube site just click on her name there and check out the video. Let her know AGRAYWOLFE sent ya her way. Thanks for checking it out.

Advent Box

I have been working on my advent boxes. The power went out during my ustream last night. That was not a fun night. And just a TIP: Don't forget to make sure all your lights, electronics that make noise, space heaters are off before you goto bed when the power is off. Why am I giving you this tip well because when they do come on and you are sleeping and then it lights, electrionics, heaters, it kind of wakes you from a warm toasty bed you worked hard at creating when the pwer was out.

I am going to finish my advent boxes today and get ready for another ustream this week.