Thursday, December 2, 2010

Challenge #1

Ok so here is the first challenge of the Gypsy Chirps Website.

This is a two parter yall..

First Go through all of your cartridges and make sure ALL of them are registered at This is good thing to do. I am guilty of not getting all of mine registered.

Second of the cartridges you have how many have you not cut a single item from? That many eh...had to have it and didn't ever use it.

The challenge is to goto the front of the book and follow long with the getting started project and create something from a cartridge you have not used before. Then post your project back here.

I will draw a name at the end of each month for a prize....but you gotta participate to be entered.
Each time you reply to a posting or complete a challenge post you will be entered into the drawing.
On the 15th of each month I will reveal what the giveaway is.

You have until the last day of each month to complete all challenges you want to enter and have the link posted back to this site.

Lets get creating



Anonymous said...

I would love to participate, but I really don't use my cartridges much since I purchased SCAL and Make The Cut!

Lisha said...

I am in

Annelie said...

Thank you for your help today on ustrem about the cutting maskine.
Wisit my blog and say hi : )

Love from Sweden